Destination Wedding on Maui {Julie + Todd}

Julie and Todd chose to have their destination wedding on Maui, with bright, colorful florals to compliment their special day.  We were contacted by Jennifer of Taylor’d Events by Jennifer to work with Julie on her floral vision.

Blossoms Hawaii destination wedding maui

The wedding was in the summer of 2014 at the lovely Sheraton Ka’anapali Resort. It was a warm and balmy tropical day, with the high that day over 90ºF and there wasn’t a cloud in sight.  The trees were still and the setting was perfect for the day’s events.

The following blog post and photos are all by Luna Bella Events – Photography in Washington and can be found in the original form here:

From Luna Bella

Married in Maui | Luna Bella Events

Back in Hawaii…. oh how we missed you. We took a year off from destination weddings,  because we  worried about traveling with our 2 year old, but I am happy to say we are back to it!  This wedding was a blast as it was in Maui, which is good for us as almost every Hawaii wedding we have shot has been on Maui!

Julie & Todd had their ceremony and reception at the Sheraton which was a blast as was our first time working at the resort.   There was a little bit of a long walk to get to the ceremony location back to the reception but the guests were troopers and made it possible.

The great thing about Hawaii weddings is you are sharing the wedding with your closest friends and family since not everybody invited will be able to take time off to travel.  destination wedding become more of a week long event as guests arrive a few days before the ceremony then stay a few days after.  If you are not looking for a large 300 person wedding maybe consider a destination wedding as they are a blast and your guests (who make it)  will love it.

Thank you again Julie and Todd for inviting us and congratulations on your wedding day.

It’s that time… business endeavors.

So I was perusing the internet, and guess what? I came by our site (it’s constantly on my mind) to take a look and tilt my head sideways and continue to ponder how best to execute all my wonderful plans.  That was when I realized that the last post had been put up last month!  Wholy smolies!  A whole month (more if you are a stickler) has passed and no new posts?  Well that won’t work!!

Life is short quote.

No flowers, rather ‘A Fine Mess…’!

This was such a great post we found on Houzz, that even though it has no flowers (with the exception of the flowers on the island, which we like!!!) it seems synonymous with our summer challenges!! We hope this makes you all feel a bit better about those summer messes, as it did for us! Thank you to Houzz and Alison Hodgson for publishing this!

Want to see the full article on Houzz? Click through below. If not, all the content is here in the gray box posted below. Full article on Houzz is available here at this link..

ps. we are gonna be dyin’ to know what you think of it! annnnnnd…. Are we alone??

It’s May! (so what’s coming soon?)

So here we are and it’s already May!!

Last time we wrote, we mentioned that we had a LOT of news coming soon!! We also talked about how thankful we are for each of you (which remains true everyday!)

So more on our news! At that time of the last post, we were working diligently on the possibility of opening a pop up retail shop that would last longer than just a couple of days. We were hoping to be around for the spring season. Alas, it was not meant to be. Of course this wasn’t realized until we had put our hearts, minds, time, effort and monies into it. It can be hard to accept things that don’t work out, especially when you are ready to go all in!!

We are always reminded though, time and time again, that we just have to put our faith into the plan. For us, we believe it’s God’s plan, but no matter your belief, there always seems to be a greater force or plan that aligns things just as they are meant to be, whether we understand, or not.

Our last post was in February. We made the decision not to move forward in early March. Fast forward to April, and we find ourselves having completed our biggest job to date. And it was a success!! (with the help and hard work of many!!) Looking back, I don’t think it would have been possible to do the job and the retail shop.

And so it goes, there is a plan. We will continue to work hard each day to find our way on the path of our plan. As anyone knows who has worked on a big project or your own business, there are ups, and there are downs. Sometimes all we can do is ride along, make adjustments, and hold on tight to ensure we persevere. For our ride, it helps us to remember it will be as it’s meant to be, and we are just part of the plan!

Quick note for next time: Keep an eye out for news on our new DIY offerings for weddings! And some of our recent pictures!! {as soon as we figure out how to sync just the things we want to the cloud, hehe}

Much flower love,
Lisa and BHI

Coming Soon …and we are so thankful for You!

Very soon we will have the final word on some exciting news!  It’s a little premature for us to announce anything just yet, but we did want you to be on the look out!

We have had the pleasure of working more and more with the local community in the past couple months.  What an amazing place we live in.  For so long, our fears (read: my fears) held us back. It’s so easy to let yourself become fearful of so many things, even if they are in your head.  (I think this must happen as we get older?)  Anyhow…  some of the fears became counterproductive and slowed progress almost completely.  Now we are pushing past all of that, and it’s in large part because of you!

I wanted everything to be perfect.  The perfect time.  The perfect flowers. The perfect place. The perfect skill set.

Perfection is a strange phenomenon.  I am starting to believe if you study anything long enough you will find imperfections.  But if your perspective is to enjoy something for the beauty it holds, flaws and all, then you can find “perfect” in so many places.  Here at Blossoms Hawaii, we are far from perfect, but we are committed to do our best each time to meet the needs of our clients.  Our blessing comes from the lovely and “perfect” clients we have!  If Valentine’s taught us anything, it taught us the joy of people.  I tried to come up with the right words to explain that statement, then realized, the emotion explains it, not the words.

Valentine’s was an adventure.  Things got a little nutty more than once (long before the big day)! And yet, it was all the people that made it great.  The believers, the teachers, the workers, the mentors, the cheerleaders, the sharers, the word-spreaders, and the visitors.

And it would be wrong not to mention “my guys”.  Leading up to the big week, my husband was key in helping to make things happen. And though they manned the home front during the week in my absence, the guys returned the day after, and the day after that, to help wrap up and clean up.  They were also my flower ninjas…. The Lonely Rose Project couldn’t have gone so well without them.

So as we look ahead, and feel the nervous energy and excitement building, we also look back and smile.  We are so thankful for you!  We are so truly blessed!  Thank you for helping us #sharethelove and for being a part of all the #flowerlove we had to offer.

Stay tuned… things are a’comin. Yes they are!

And to our flower angels, we think of you everyday. xoxo Lisa